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Q: What are the advantages of low voltage lighting?
A: There are three distinct advantages to using low voltage lighting.

  • Safety - Low voltage lighting uses a 12 volt system instead of the normal domestic voltage of 110 volts. It's much safer to have outside because there's no shock hazard from damaged fixtures or slices cables if you should happen to come in contact with them.
  • Fixture Selection - There is a wide variety of sizes, shapes and applications that are smaller and more compact, yet produce stunning results.
  • Installation Practices - People who have installed these systems, professional or "do-it-yourselfers" say a big benefit is the cleaner installation that it provides. The low-voltage systems use less hardware to distract from the grounds and offers less disruption to gardens.

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  • Common and not-so-common effects of lighting
  • How to distinguish different brands/kinds/materials that you would like to incorporate into your system
  • Holiday lighting tips

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