Experience your home in a whole new light.

If you are interested in your own landscape lighting system and decide that this is a project you would like to tackle, our RapiDesign plan is for you. The RapiDesign package will take all the guess work out of your lighting project.

Once you receive our RapiDesign package from us, complete the steps and send it back. We will ask you to send photographs of your home, a dimensional layout of the property, as well as any other info you want to pass along.

Upon receiving this, we will design and specify the project for you, also with pricing the materials that you would need to complete it fully. You can then order the package from us and be on your way to a beautiful landscape lighting system. If you decide to purchase the materials via our website (coming soon) or toll free number, we will deduct a percentage from the cost of your design.

We are also available for commercial, resort, and hotel projects. Please call for information or e-mail us at commercial@landscapelightingconcepts.com.


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